Friday, 4 September 2015

Mini rant #1

This is how I'm feeling today (in response to an innocent mail query of "how's things?")
Today? Crappy! But it's only issues with work that are pissing me off. I really cannot be arsed with this crap any more. I come off as the bad guy becasue I can't magically deliver in a timeframe that's been laid out by the casting of runes and then they ask me for some revised estimates. I point out that they will come when the DS is complete so they ask why it isn't complete yet. I point out that the estimate for the DS was a month so it'll be ready in 2 weeks. They say that makes them 2 weeks behind. I say not in my book because I'm not the one that thought he could conjure system interfaces to 3 new suppliers by farting magic pixie dust over the servers.
Oh, and I like the idea of a mini rant, hence it's #1 - it gives me the option for more.